SAAA’s Capacity Building Programmes

Training/Capacity building – capacity building through a comprehensive skills programme can be divided into various broad programmes:

  • Train the Trainer – on product specific components in the value chain and according to expertise registered with the Agricultural Sectoral Education and Training Authority (Agri Seta) as an qualified assessor on specific topics,
  • Train the Mentor – Coaches/Mentors are developed and contracted to guide and assist the emerging farmers to obtain sustainable market access.
  • Train Cluster Development Agents (CDA’s) – in collaboration with United nations Industrial Development (UNIDO) CDA’s are trained and coached to assist small holder farmer groups operating in clusters or cooperatives to become sustainable. Activities are based on a cluster specific market driven value chain.

Training to SME’s in the agricultural sector to operate and form clusters. All of the training is based on the different individual skills programmes that add to the Market Access Development Programme. In compilation of the skills programmes (eight in total referring to a comprehensive skills program in market access), certain educational ideas were taken into consideration. Some of these ideas include, collaborative learning in a community context, problem based learning, and results-driven learning, but experiential learning lies at the heart of the SAAA skills Program. Experiential learning offers a multi-sensory, multi-modal environment that allows learners the opportunity to interact in real-life contexts, to construct individual meaning, and to engage in complex actions that mirror life outside the lecturing room. In addition to this, action learning as method of teaching is also used – theoretical sessions are reinforced by practical sessions and field trips. On successful completion of the skills program, learners will have a lucid understanding of the trade chain and be able to employ various management systems and accreditations related to food safety, production practices, as well as demonstrate environmental and social awareness within the agricultural supply chain.

  • Agro Processing Training – Skills training in the processing sector. The skills programmes will be based on the decision made during the discussions on the completed Agro Processing feasibility study/Business Plan. Focus product groups of the feasibility study is citrus and vegetables.
  • AgriAppi – The purpose of the Agricultural Apprenticeship “Agri Appi” program is to expose, develop and equip the youth or new landowners, interested in a career in agriculture or international trading opportunities, in agriculture. A placement/internship with partners in production or trade in the Europe and SA give these Agri Appi’s the opportunity to learn more about production and the value chain of a product or they have the opportunity to work with potential trade partners in their businesses. The latter gives them the opportunity to realise access requirements but also meet expectations such as quality, packaging and trading terms that match customer (potential target market) expectations. During the internship programme Agri Appi’s will receive exposure, training, coaching, skills and expertise in the various components of the product specific value chain. In EU as well as in SA they will work on a production plant/trading/retail organisation – learn by doing and implement applicable best practises of both countries either in their own business or their working environment.


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